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Peri Roberts


do it with passion

or not at all 



I’ve grown up on and in the water.

Whether that be sailing and wakeboarding on the lake or surfing, supping, and kitesurfing at the beach-  I’ve carried my passion for board sports, including snowboarding in the winter, through my teens to now.


I've been kiting since I was 14, and this  sport has blessed me in more ways than words can describe... anyone who kites will say the same. It fires up my competitive side and fuels my hunger for travel and adventure.

Travelling has been a part of my life since a young age; I've been blessed with the best- a family who loves fun in the sun, water

and snow. I've been fortunate enough to have travelled to some amazing places in the world. Not only around Australia (and there's no place like home), but to some amazingly diverse countries. These different cultures, cuisines and adventures have captured my heart from an early age, as has the beauty of the unknown and desire to keep discovering and learning new things.


Much like my passion for travel; adventure has been a staple part of my upbringing. Every trip, a new toy or new trick is a new adventure waiting to be had. Right now, living out of home and discovering The World on my own is my biggest adventure yet.


 What drives me? I believe passion is a foundation to living a happy and successful life and there's no doubt that kitesurfing, travelling and adventuring through life are things I’m passionate about.