its the will

not the skill


My mission is to represent and collaborate with brands that reflect my sporty, adventurous and balanced outlook in life.

My relationship with these brands is a partnership that feels like family, which is something I value greatly.


I believe these brands are highly

regarded in the industry; I love the products and I'm so stoked to represent them in alignment with their passion for kitesurfing.



Ride Engine has been a part of my kiting since 2017. I am so stoked to ride with top of the line harnesses and wetsuits.

Being comfortable in the water and having gear you can rely on are the building blocks to becoming a great kiter. 

This gear is efficient, comfortable and stylish, and I'm pleased to be able to represent a brand that delivers on and off the water.



I became a part of the Naish family at the start of the 2020 season. I happened to be in the right place at the right time- everything fell into place with Naish that it just felt like it was meant to be.


The whole international crew, as well as the team back in Aus welcomed me with open arms and really made me feel a part of the family. I fell in love with the brand and the gear instantly. I am super excited to see what the future holds.

Quobba Fins originated from the West Coast of Australia. Developed in some of the best conditions the world has to offer, Quobba fins technology sets the benchmark extremely high for other high-performance fins.

There has been, without a doubt, a significant improvement in my riding thanks to these fins. I couldn't recommend a product more. 





Raging Bull is a leading Surf & Accessory brand originating on the South Coast of NSW.

Raging Bull Surf aligns with progressive surfers, strong spirits, and adventure seekers. Strength and Passion are two values they present through their brand, and I'm very grateful to be a part of this team.

Dave at Kite and Sup has been a part of my journey since day one. From first teaching me how to kite, guiding me through the learning curves, giving advice on gear and helping with brands; Dave has played a major role in getting me where I am today in the industry.

Kite and Sup was my first ever sponsor and vise versa. The shop is Newcastle's only Kite store and a fantastic one at that. With every new toy, kite, board, through to windsurfing, Sup and foiling- Dave is always pushing me and his customers onto the newest and best things, and always making sure we're looked after.




I've been working for Freedom Kite Mag since 2016 as a junior writer & editor. I have a passion for writing so when I saw the opportunity to combine both that and my love for kiting I jumped on it and the team welcomed me on board with open arms.

I love working with these guys, not only are they great mentors, but they're just like the rest of us kiters; stoked on it... sometimes kiting even comes before the writing. Ollie, Jason, and the team give me the opportunity each issue to find the story where ever I may see fit- so creativity runs wild. I get to talk, interview and meet some amazing kiters all around the world and share their story; It's such a rewarding feeling.



F3 Motor Auctions are the leading Motor Auctions in the Newcastle/ Hunter Region.

Michael and the whole F3 Team have provided support to local athletes for years, and I feel privileged to be a part of their family. 



Adam at Ultratune Toronto treats me like family and has given the community and myself so much over the years. 

The best local mechanic you'll find. 



Healthy eating is a big part of my lifestyle.

Surfing the menu is a collaboration between Peri Roberts and Love my salad to capture the importance of a healthy food and being active.


By bringing ocean to plate, I’ll show you how I fuel my body before and after kitesurfing, and how to get creative in the kitchen using delicious and fresh ingredients I find in my travels.



Ambassador for Otis Eyewear.


Representing this great Aussie brand in style.


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 I am a kitesurfer, surfer, snowboarder, traveler and adventurer.


I am an Australian, from Newcastle,

living abroad.


I fly by the seat of my pants, or wherever the wind & the waves take me.

I live with passion and curiosity

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