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Beginnings- INSPIRE

dream >> reality

This story starts around 5 years ago, but lets wind it back a bit further than that.


The earliest version of my kite adventure I can visually represent. Me and my bro back when he was little, sweet and innocent (I still classify 😉). Looking at this picture makes me wonder if little Peri would’ve ever thought this was the beginning of such a big part of her life; kitesurfing.

It all started, with thanks to my Dad.

For as long as I can remember, I have always looked up to him as this super Dad who could do anything and be the best at it. I used to watch him out on the water knowing I wanted to be out there doing it with him. If Dad did it, Peri did it.

Still to this day, he’s always the first on the water and usually the last one out.

Whether it be kiting, surfing, supping, windsurfing, snowboarding, wakeboarding, and recently foiling- you name it, if its on, he’s out there.

Knowing I’ll always have someone to look up to, someone to push me and motivate me, support for my losses and praise for my victories; is the best thing in the whole world.

My Dad John, is a legend… and always my biggest inspiration.


As soon as I learnt to fly a kite I was hooked. Getting dragged down the beach, slammed into the water, even getting caught in a couple of fishing nets along the way- the challenge was addictive and I knew I wanted to be great at it.

The dream of becoming a professional sports person for a lot of kids is usually on the top of our ‘what we want to be when we’re older’ list.

To play sport as a job is a dream come true for a lot of people. The realisation of this opportunity came alive after I started competing. A few awards here and there, and then a win. And another win! It started to form in my mind that it was a possibility. At the end of 2017 I won the Open Women’s Merimbula Classic, National Championship and Kiter of the Future. Getting on that podium and claiming a victory has to be the pinnacle of any athlete’s career. It just feels so damn amazing.

I received a phone call from a family friend after that competition. He told me I’d be crazy if I didn’t pursue this. A dream so many people crave but never get the chance to live out. “You’ve got something special, get out there and go get it”. I still think about that phone call. It was the best piece of advice I could’ve been told; a push in the right direction and an inspiring slap in the face.


Today. 28/07/2019.

Sitting on a beach, eating watermelon and writing a blog about how the hell I managed to get to this point.

An athlete. A professional kitesurfer.

This is my job. WHAT?!

I have to pinch myself when answering that as a job title. I can’t believe those words are actually coming out of mouth.

All the hard work, crashes, victories, losses, tantrums, glory, exhaustion, elation and inspiration kitesurfing has given me IS a dream and always will be. I’m broke as anything and I’m still figuring it all out, but I’m so proud to have turned this dream into my reality with the help from a lot of amazing friends and family along the way.

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