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Beginnings- TRAVEL

Walking down from my hostel to the beautiful “Old Town” of Tarifa to get my morning coffee fix; I came across these 3 handsome gentlemen and couldn’t help but smile. I asked to take a picture of them (in English) and of course they didn’t understand, until I crouched down and mimicked a photographer, they laughed, muttered some happy words to each other and obliged.

Almost proud to get their photo taken by a random young girl talking gibberish to them; they posed and laughed some more.


“De nada”

I haven’t stopped smiling since.

I’ve trying to write something about my love for travel and haven’t found the words until now. Travel is beauty. It’s the simple moments like these that warm your soul and make you grateful for every little second.

Travelling is the various strangers you meet along the way that put a smile on your face for an entire morning. It’s the charades you play trying to order breakfast. The different flavours you taste in a morning espresso and the copious amounts of olive oil… in everything

Travelling is early morning walks on the beach and midday siestas. Food comas after too much tortilla de patata or hangovers after too many mojitos.

Spain has warmed my heart, and as my time here comes to a pause, the little moments like these help me to realise how great the world is and the uniqueness of each place and everyone in it. Grateful is an understatement.

So here’s to new cultures, new faces, new experiences, more olive oil and travelling the world.

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