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Cold Water- the best kind of slap in the face

On the first day of Winter, I challenged myself to jump in the water- rain, hail, or shine- for 30 days.

Seems simple right? Coming from the mid-north coast, the water temperature is still quite mild. For sure, some days can get a bit nippy, especially when the sun fails to show, but getting undressed for a quick dip isn't too hard.

Fast forward 11 days and I'm in Canberra. Literally the Snowy Mountain Capital of Australia. WHAT was I thinking. However, the 30-day challenge still applies and the show must go on.

I'm in Canberra for 2 weeks. Jumping in the icy rivers, dams, lakes & pools here isn't going to be easy, but somehow I feel amazing after each time I jump in.

Why though?

I've been a water baby my whole life. Being in the ocean, or any body of water for that matter, is what my life revolves around, and I'm sure any ocean children just like myself, could agree on the fact that getting wet is one of the best things for you.

For your state of mind. For your conscious awareness. For your skin cells. For your mental health. Cold water is one of Nature's own healing powers.

Besides, the ocean covers 71% of our earth. We are 60% water. So it must be good for us, right?

Here's some support to my claim

I've been following The Wim Hof Method for a few months now, and I'm shocked at how beneficial these practices have been to my life. In such a short time, too!

Breathing and learning to slow the breath, becoming present and fully aware of everything in your current state- learning to commit to the now, and getting cold. Getting vulnerable and letting the mind do the talking- or should I say- feeling.

"We have become alienated by nature, but the cold is capable of bringing us back to what we once had lost" -Wim Hof

I knew there were benefits, but it wasn't until I gave it a go, I really could understand what this legend is on about and the legacy he's created. If you don't know who, or what The Wim Hof Method is, I have attached a clip below, but in short; he is a Dutchman who literally swims under ice, runs on snow & has created a global way of life that many around the world now follow.

The three principles he bases his practices off are:


Cold water can have so many benefits... So here's a list (because I love lists, who doesn't!?)

  • There are links to cold water speeding up your metabolism

  • Exposing yourself to the cold reduces inflammation, muscle soreness & swelling

  • Cold water speeds recovery; why lots of athletes participate in ice-bathing or cryotherapy

  • Improves your circulation by forcing the blood to the surface and flushes capillaries, veins and arteries.

Not only does cold water increases your focus, but it also improves your quality of sleep & can even improve your immune system. The highlight? How energised I feel after jumping into icy water is astonishing. This fact, I have known my whole life, which is why I really want to reiterate that this sh*t works!! The natural high you feel is brought on by the release of endorphins: the chemical in our brain that makes us feel good.

Let's not forget about the increase of libido aka our sex drive. Cold water increases estrogen and testosterone levels... and we all know what that means.

Start slow. Start with ending your shower with cold water for 10 seconds. Then 30 seconds.

Go to the lake, ocean, river, or even a pool- jump in! Then stay there for a minute. Then two. You'll be amazed by the results.

So get out there, jump out of your comfort zone, and jump into the cold.

Get wet- real wet... it's good for you ;)

More information can be found at:



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