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Instagram VS Reality

Haven’t been inspired to turn thoughts into words, and words onto pages lately. Haven’t had much time either, for that matter.

Busy is good. I thrive while busy. Not the kind of busy that takes over, but the kind of busy that keeps you constantly stimulated, organised, in check and healthy.

The inspired part- well I guess the ideas in my head have just been circling. When I write blogs, I don’t want to just write to me, or I’d call it journaling. For me, I want to inspire from being inspired. I want my passion for creating conversation, for telling a story to be seen.

I try not to complain. I don’t want to omit negative impressions into my small online world. But I want to be real.

So as I sit here, at 10:45pm; eyes so tired I’m having to squint at my screen; body aching from the miles I’ve put it through this last week, I’m so inspired that I have to write. The words are literally pouring out of me, that no amount of sleep is going to help until I get this one on the page.

I like to keep my views quiet, most of the time I have a “let it slide” attitude, or a “take the high road” voice in my head- not because I’m lazy (or maybe a little) but because I don’t want the argument. After a few conversations recently, with various people from different industries and walks of life, I’ve come to the conclusion that healthy argument is important. Its real. It keeps conversations flowing and ideas sprouting.

I want to talk about Instagram VS reality. For some, it might resonate. For others, it might sound like a complaint. For me, it’s a combination of being real, creating a healthy argument with a side of ‘Peri needing to vent’.

The Instagram VS reality topic is something I’ve struggled with for a few years now. I’m in a pretty unique position, and I don’t want to play victim, but it’s something I’m ready to get off my chest.

I live an amazing life. I’ve been blessed by the Gods or the universe or whatever higher appreciation you believe in, to live the life that I do. Although I will give myself some credit for the hard work I put in, my persistence to do whatever the hell I want to do, and my selfish decision making that gets me where I want to be; I want to recognise how grateful I am to be where I am, in life.

I travel the world. I have amazing friends and family in my life. I have great support networks. I have an income (steady is definitely not a point I’m willing to make, but it’s an income). I am healthy. I get to call myself a professional sports person and get perks for it.

I’m blessed and I feel blessed.

If you’re reading this, then you probably see what I get up to. You’ll see the beautiful beaches that I visit, the awesome products I use, the extremely supportive sponsors I have.

I take pride in the life that I lead, because I’m proud of it. I love every minute of it, and constantly pinch myself that I can experience all the things that I do at the ripe age of 21.

You’ve probably heard the saying “Instagram is a highlight reel”. Its true. Most of social media is, and I do my best to keep it as real as possible, without damaging my own brand or including every minor detail from my day-to-day grind. Me included, loves seeing all the cool things people get up to. I don’t particularly want to see the ‘behind the scenes’ of everyone’s social life, because a) that would take up way too much time and b) I’m not particularly interested in it, nor is it any of my business.

But to get to my point- I struggle with not being able to talk about the nitty gritty. The ‘minor details’ that don’t make my Instagram highlights. The real life shit. I struggle with the fact that on Instagram, my life looks easy and desired. That my Instagram life is “the dream”. Because for a long time, I’ve struggled with people not realising the work that goes into this life.

As I sit here, 2 hours after posting an epic highlight reel of one of the best weeks of my life full of adventure and fun, I’m exhausted from the 19hour day I’ve just put in. 19hours of grinding- not for anyone else but myself, because I’m motivated to get where I want to be and I’m willing to do whatever it takes to get there. But to sit here and reflect at the scoffs and the “tough life” comments or the “your life must be so hard” remarks and not be hurt, would be a lie.

I chose not to share those parts of my life, because I don’t feel like I’m obligated to, and let me tell you, moments like the “inspiring” one I’m going through right now, make me want to share it. Not out of pity, or to play the victim, or to seek empathy, but to set the record straight.

So, for anyone that cares, my days look like this:

4:30am wake up

5:00am Job #1, OR training

7:00am work commute

8:00am Job #2 (physically and mentally demanding)

12:00pm work commute

1:00pm Job #3 (extremely physically and mentally demanding)

4:00pm Kitesurfing training- in water

7:00pm Dinner & repack for the next day

9:00pm Job #1 round 2

10:00pm sleep

I’m not implying this is easier or harder than anyone else’s grind, but this is mine. This is what I’m working on, to get where I want to be, and I struggle with the fact that very few people know it.

Yes I am a “professional kitesurfer” and have to work 3 jobs to make ends meet, so I can continue to pursue the dream of being a “professional kitesurfer”

Yes, I love all 3 of my jobs. I work with amazing people and I love what I do.

It’s a hectic schedule. It takes organisation and sacrifice. But to me- its all worth it, to be able to lead the life that I do. Those Instagram highlights don’t happen without this grind.

That’s the motivation. Living my life to the fullest and doing everything I have to do to get there.

Before I close up this inspirational brain cluster fuck, I’ll say this:

1. Don’t judge someone based on what they’re wanting you to see on social media
2. Try asking how someone really is, even if their life seems ‘perfect’ on social media
3. Everyone’s motivation is different. Yours is yours

This is a reminder to anyone out there to chase what is yours and do the things that set your heart on fire. Stay in your own lane. Don’t let bullshit bring you down. Motivation and grit are two things that will help you get where you want to be, and if you put in the work, you will get there. Trust in that.

Dream on kids and live life today like it’s your last.


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