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Love my Salad X Peri Roberts- Surfing the Menu

My passion for healthy living, fitness and delicious fresh food lives alongside my kitesurfing. Both go hand in hand and live alongside each other.

I’m super excited to share with you a collaboration where my passion for the ocean, health and creativity collide...

Surfing the Menu.

Love my Salad X Peri Roberts

Love my salad is a movement where ambition for healthy living and knowledge of salads and vegetables come together. Bringing awareness to the benefits of vegetables around the world and providing education on how we can all add salad into our lives. Salad can be the star of any breakfast, lunch or dinner; and I cant wait to show you how.

As an athlete; taking care of my body and health is a priority, and salads are vital in making this happen. Surfing the menu is a collaboration between Peri Roberts and Love my salad to capture the importance of a healthy food and being active. By bringing ocean to plate, I’ll show you how I fuel my body before and after kitesurfing, and how to get creative in the kitchen using delicious and fresh ingredients I find in my travels.

Travelling on tour has taught me a lot. From the border of the Mediterranean to the tropics of Mauritian island life to the desertscape of the Western Sahara; travel has shown me diversity, culture and new experiences. Discovering new locations always means there’s a new story to be told, and through a bit of creativity, a story behind the food.

Stay tuned for freshness.

Surfing the Menu.

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