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Take the risk or lose the chance

A letter to no one and anyone looking for a reason.

Daring is a word we come by when seeking adventure.

Thrilling. Exciting.

Perhaps we stumble across its path when entering the ‘new’ or the ‘unknown’.

Brave. Audacious.

Maybe daring is a feeling sought after by some, a 6-letter package full of validation; a sense of self-enlightenment… a hand of confidence.

To be daring is to dare, and to dare is to do.

“Take the risk, or lose the chance”.

6 words that stuck.

To take a risk is to be daring. Risk is where inches and seconds come into play.

Every day we’re faced with it. Totally insignificant, a matter of life or death, maybe somewhere in between. I don’t know. Everyone has their own risks, and with that comes chance.

Chance is the result of a decision. It's either a yes, or a no. A do or a don’t. Chance is an opportunity, and we are the ones who have to decide to take it or not.

To whoever is reading this: whether you’re my best friend, my brother’s girlfriend’s mum, a family member, a robot, a random who somehow stumbled across this poorly SEO’d blog post, or whether I’m just talking to myself; here’s a letter to no one andanyone looking for a reason why:

Don’t sit around waiting for things to happen. Make things happen. Take the risk of not fitting in because you have a different point of view. Buy that plane ticket even though you don’t know what’s waiting for you at the other end. Quit your job because you’re not enjoying it. Drop into that wave because you’ll never get the same one ever again. Buy that damn t-shirt because who knows, it might be sold out tomorrow.

Be daring. Jump the fence. Take a leap. Trust your gut. Do what your heart wants. Or just chuck it in the f**k it bucket. DO IT because you will never get an opportunity so unique again.

Inches and seconds… that’s what it comes down to. Take the risk, or lose the chance. Live with impulse, because who would want to be left wondering what could have been?

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